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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Banner Stands | Product Spotlight

As part of our series on exhibition equipment, today we are looking at choosing a banner stand and using them to enhance your display and attract potential customers.

Banner stands are great for promoting your business or product at exhibitions, trade shows, events and at first point of contact areas such as receptions. The banner graphic is an instant way to capture someone's attention and with that comes the opportunity to market your brand or product directly to the consumer.
When deciding which banner stand to purchase for your event, you will be looking at three main categories:

Retractable Banner Stands
These units are the most popular, especially when transportation become a key requirement, e.g trade shows and exhibitions. They may also be called roll up or roller banner stands, and they get this name as the banner graphic simple retracts into the base and pulls out when needed in a matter of seconds.
The space this saves means they are easy to carry, transport and store and the graphic is fully protected when on the move.
Retractable banner stands often have a quick change cassette feature, this means that the graphic is stored in a cassette that slots into the base and can be changed over in seconds. Important if you have several banner stand graphics that get changed over regularly, such as seasonal promotions.

Tensioned Banner Stands
Ideal for permanent use, where the banner stand won't be moving often, such as in-store promotions or reception areas. A tensioned system usually comprising poles at the back of the unit keep the graphic taut and secure, perfect for high footfall areas.

Linked Banner Stands
These stands are great for creating large 'walls' of banner stand graphics as they are modified versions of retractable and tensioned banner stands that have a linking system so they can easily be attached to each other.
Flexible linked banner systems are also available, which means instead of a flat wall you can have curved or waved linked stands that look great when used in corners of your display.

You will often find selections of other types of banner stand such as outdoor, eco-friendly and large width, which are all self-explanatory.

There will be options available for all budgets, but it is definitely worth investing in a higher end banner stand if you are intending on heavy use over a number of years, such as at exhibition circuits.

Most retailers will give you the option of providing your own artwork for the banner stand or have an in-house design team that will take your brief and create a professional graphic for the unit.
Advances in printing mean that modern banner stand graphics have ultra high quality print finishes that can be produced much more quickly than the first banner stands that entered the market.

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  1. A-Johnson12:25 pm

    Succinct article that should help me on the way to choosing a banner stand, thanks for the tips.